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Daily Links: Despite Lockout, NHL Is Bringing In Record Percentage Revenues

The NHL projects to have 72.7 percent of revenues enjoyed in a full season from just 58.5 percent of the games. The fans really stuck it to them after the lockout ended.

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Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

During the lockout last year, there were a large number of fans that claimed that they were done with the sport.

And then the lockout ended, and that idea was out the window.

There were also a lot of fans who said that they might watch hockey, but they certainly weren't going to spend any money on tickets or merchandise, in order to show the NHL how upset they were.

And then the sales and apology discounts hit, and that idea also went out the window.

How do we know this is what happened? Well, apparently the league has projected there to be roughly $2.4 billion in revenues this year. Given that this is such a shortened season, that's quite an accomplishment. Ryan Lambert has more on the numbers:

...That's 72.7 percent of revenues enjoyed in a full season from just 58.5 percent of the games, without the league's usual days-long cash-cow events. And it only serves to underscore the owners' belief that hockey fans are gullible money machines who will make willy-nilly purchases of tickets, merchandise, concessions and more like a teenager at the mall with mommy and daddy's credit card."

In Dallas, this increase makes sense. Most of the casual fans around the metroplex were not really disturbed by the lockout, since they had already forgotten that the Dallas Stars even existed. It wasn't until the massive ad campaigns by the Stars media team, combined with the mediocrity of the Cowboys and Mavericks, that people started to pay attention to the Stars again. This hasn't been the best season ever for Dallas, yet attendance remains strong, and TV viewership is up by a large percentage compared to last year.

But what about the teams in other markets?

I have to imagine that they are all in a similar situation compared to most of the hardcore Dallas fans as well. They hated the lockout, but it was more of a league business thing than an individual team issue. SO are they really going to punish their own team, the one they have followed for years and years, just to get back at Gary Bettman? Obviously not.

Of course, this sets up a dramatic problem when the current CBA expires, because the owners know that they can do it again, with absolutely no repercussions.

There's something to be said for blind love, I suppose, and NHL fans certainly have it for this sport. But it can clearly be cynically exploited, and knowing the owners as we now do, it's nearly impossible to see a situation in which they don't attempt to claw back an extra few cents of every dollar the next time they get the chance.

Fans haven't given them any incentive not to try.

Make sure you click over and giver the full article a read. The picture of Gary Bettman alone is worth it.

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