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Brenden Morrow Video Highlights: Saying Farewell to a Dallas Stars Legend

We take one last look back at Morrow's career with the Dallas Stars.

We're slowly closing the book on Brenden Morrow's time with the Dallas Stars, but we're not ready to finish the final chapter just yet. We'll have one more final article on Morrow and his time with the Stars on Tuesday, but in the meantime we wanted to relive the best moment from the captain's career in Dallas.

In the comments, feel free to share your favorite Brenden Morrow moment.

Here are some highlights from throughout Morrow's career in Dallas:

Draft video from 1997:

A Brenden Morrow highlight reel from 2003 -- that's when he was just a young whippersnapper.

Morrow taking on the Canucks with just one working leg:

Brenden Morrow nails Milan Michalek with perhaps the biggest hit of his career:

The Goal:

Brenden Morrow career highlights: