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Brenden Morrow Trade: Bidding War in Process for Brenden Morrow?

With the news that a deal was in place for Stars Captain Brenden Morrow with the Pittsburgh Penguins it's become clear that they are not the only team with a deal on the Table

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Its become clear that Brenden Morrow has options on the table when it comes to a possible trade. Though it was originally reported that a deal was in place with the Pittsburgh Penguins, pending his agreement to waive his no trade clause, reports have emerged that they are not the only ones with a deal on the table.

Dallas Stars General Manager Joe Nieuwendyk is reportedly meeting with Brenden Morrow currently and has multiple offer from different teams on the table. Though Darren Dreger reported the Pittsburgh Penguin offer, including top prospect Joe Morrow, other sources have said that the Boston Bruins are also still in the hunt for Brenden Morrow.

There are no details as of yet on what the potential offer from the Boston Bruins would be. It is quite possible that it would involve one of their top prospects.

It appears that Brenden Morrow has his future in his own hands with multiple offers and will make a decision soon on whether to waive his NTC.