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Stephane Robidas Helmet Cracked By Shot; Dallas Stars Defenseman Expects to Play Tonight

Robidas helmet cracked just behind the left earhole after absorbing a snapshot from Colorado's Matt Hunwick late in the third period.

This road helmet gave its all to protect Robidas' skull on Wednesday.
This road helmet gave its all to protect Robidas' skull on Wednesday.

There's not much that can take Stephane Robidas down.

The venerable Dallas Stars defenseman laughs off hits that would put a mere mortal out for weeks, such as being run ribs first into the stanchion a few weeks back against the Nashville Predators. So when he dropped like a stone last night in the loss to the Colorado Avalanche, it was obvious something serious had happened.

That turned out to be taking a snap shot to the side of the head from Colorado's Matt Hunwick. Luckily for Robidas, he saw the puck coming and was able to turn his head at the last second, but it still did some pretty significant damage. Ralph Strangis has the visual documentation.

For what it's worth, Robidas does wear a visor, and hockey helmets are wonderful tools at preventing blunt force trauma to the skull. It's what they were designed for. And his last-second head turn kept this from being a puck to the nose or jaw.

To add insult to injury, Robidas stick got lodged behind Kari Lehtonen's foot when he fell to the ice grabbing his head, opening the gap that Chuck Kobasew used to score the game-winning goal. Sometimes you just can't catch a break.

Robidas is expected to play tonight against the Los Angeles Kings because he's tougher than you or me. From last night's post-game reportage by Mike Heika...

Of course he did. I mean, when you've broken your nose six times and have a total broken bone count in the double digits, one measly set of stitches behind the ear and broken helmet is nothing.