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NHL Trade Rumor Roundup: Flyers Interested in Jaromir Jagr, Brenden Morrow?

Want to discuss trade rumors and the Dallas Stars? Here's your destination.

Bruce Bennett

The Dallas Stars could potentially be fairly active on the trade front, leading up to the April 3 deadline, and it's understandable that fans are eager to discuss all of the possibilities. Over the coming weeks, we'll post a trade rumors roundup thread every other day or so to provide an official thread to discuss all of the speculation floating around the hockeysphere.

We'll only post links to "reputable" sources on these rumors and speculation, but take all of this with a grain of salt.

We're just going to have to get used to this on a daily basis, it seems. The trade market this season is very light indeed, so the same players are going to be mentioned over and over again as these rumors continue to build steam -- and several Dallas Stars are front and center in the discussion.

*The Philadelphia Flyers and GM Paul Holmgren have never been one to shy away from making big moves in the middle of a season. Holmgren as a reputation as an aggressive GM who will take risks, and now the Flyers are being linked to several notable players for Dallas.

As with any of these "scouting reports," we have to realize not all of these are precursors to a trade. The Flyers could be scouting Morrow as a possible UFA for this summer or even just building a "book" on Morrow in general. I also have to agree with Panaccio that the Morrow makes no sense for the Flyers, who aren't fighting for the playoffs and need defensive help more than anything.

Not to mention that Morrow would have to okay a trade to Philly, and with the Flyers likely missing the playoffs there's absolutely no reason for that to happen.

There is another interesting connection being made, that the Flyers could be interested in reuniting Jaromir Jagr with Claude Giroux. Per Pierre LeBrun:

Crazy thought from one NHL team executive Tuesday: Would the Flyers make a pitch to bring Jagr back to Philadelphia to play with Claude Giroux? Seems odd for the Flyers -- who aren't in a playoff spot -- to make a play for a rental player. But Jagr was such a good fit for Giroux last season ... Stranger things have happened.

Frank Seravalli follows up on the speculation and wonders whether it's something the Flyers should pursue.

The common though (and what we've been hearing as well) is that the Stars are not interested in actively shopping Jagr and will be patient with him heading into the summer. The Stars could be interested in bringing him back next season, but it's a decision both Jagr and the team seem willing to wait to make until after the season is over.

So would the Stars trade Jagr? It would likely have to be for the right price, that's for certain.

*Speaking of Morrow, the team he is most connected with at this point are the Boston Bruins. These rumors won't go away, and LeBrun once again states that Boston has done their due diligence in scouting the veteran forward in advance of a possible trade.

The Bruins have been tracking Morrow, a hard-nosed, character player who, while slowed down by age, is still a terrific add-on for a contender.

The Stars will tread carefully here with Morrow, the respected team captain who has played his heart out for them. Morrow has a no-trade clause, and this will be about seeing what he wants to do in the end, seeing if he wants to go join an elite contender or not.

In the end, I think the Bruins are content to do nothing if there isn't anything that makes sense for them. They like their team a lot, although adding a blueliner is also on the list of things to do.

*We'll dive deeper in this tomorrow, but multiple reports are stating that the Stars have gotten nowhere in contract negotiations with Derek Roy. So there's that.

*For those interested in Jay Bouwmeester, word on the street is that the Calgary Flames are asking for a high, high price for the veteran defenseman and will only trade him if they are blown away by an offer. LeBrun notes that St. Louis and Detroit are the teams most interested in Bouwmeester, and that the Blues could be willing to trade Chris Stewart in order to get a top four defenseman in return.