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Video: Jamie Benn Fights Joe Thornton

Need I say more?

There has been a big debate lately among the Stars faithful on whether or not a fight can actually have an impact on a game. While I'm usually not one to believe such theories, it's tough to say it didn't work at least this one time.

With the game locked at 0-0 and the Stars not generating much offense, the teams' two best players squared off in what is one of the more entertaining fights in recent memory.

Whether or not we believed it actually sparked the Stars on or not is irrelevant; Benn admitted after the game the emotion certainly fueled him:

"I think it wakes you up and gets your adrenaline going," Benn said after the game. "It felt good doing it."

Alex Goligoski was also appreciative of Benn's willingness to drop the gloves.

"That was awesome," said Goligoski. "When your star player's out there doing that, obviously emotions are heated out there. Those are the kind of games that are fun to play in."