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Dallas Stars Goaltender Kari Lehtonen Earns NHL's Save of the Week Honors

The Stars goalie has earned the top save honors from the NHL for his insane behind-the-back snag against the Blue Jackets on Monday.

The Dallas Stars have leaned heavily on Kari Lehtonen through the first past of the season, as the netminder has carried the team on his back and -- if nothing else -- has at least given his team a chance while things have fallen apart in front of him.

On top of facing the third-most shots of any goalie in the NHL and having the second-best save percentage (behind the unconscious numbers put up by Craig Anderson this season) Lehtonen has managed to make some incredible highlight-worthy saves this season.

No save has been more impressive, however, than his behind-the-back stab of the puck against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday. Some may think it was a blind wave at a puck bouncing over his shoulder but I maintain it was a very deliberate grab at the puck that he knew was falling behind him.

Don't ask me how I know that, but I believe it.