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Video: Antoine Roussel Scores on Penalty Shot, Taunts Chicago Blackhawks' Crowd

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Do you miss the pepper pot? Antoine Roussel will keep you warm this holiday season.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

Well, what do you make of that one?

Antoine Roussel knows what to make of it- He gets the cowboy hat and an extra cocktail or two if there's any justice in this world.

The fourth penalty shot of the season in just 26 games for the Dallas Stars this year turned out to be the deciding factor (you know, beside Kari Lehtonen) and Roussel capped a night full of agitation in style when he beat Crawford on his back-hand.

No one's going to argue this one was much of a masterpiece for Dallas, but this GIF will come in handy as a budding rivalry in the new Central takes shape:



The idiocracy of NBC Sports Network's coverage reached a resounding crescendo tonight when they detailed Antoine Roussel's "story line" entering this one- Somehow equating a clean hit on Patrick Kane in Dallas earlier in the year and subsequent, unnecessary fight against Andrew Shaw with the fact that the Stars were giving up a three-goal lead.

They could have broken down any number of reasons why the Stars were getting badly, badly out-played. They could have refrained from calling it a comeback- Is it a comeback when you're relentlessly dominating the opposition, regardless of the score? They could have presented a multitude of other, more intelligent avenues for their hockey savvy viewers to consider, for hockey savvy viewers are the only ones locked in on a Tuesday night in December...But they didn't.

He threw a dumb elbow at Toews, very true, that let the Hawks on the score sheet but Mike Milbury decided that it was the fight that hurt the Stars.

Then luck handed them an extension of the entire affair when Roussel, having nothing to do with his scrappy nature, pest-like demeanor, or past hits delivered, used his brain and his legs to make a good hockey play, forcing Hjalmarsson into a transgression that led to the game winning goal.

And Roussel, being a Steve Ott starter-kit, don't doubt it, decided to, like The Grinch, put a hand to his ear...

And he did hear a sound rising over the snow.

It started in low. Then it started to grow...

It was a bunch of boozed up people in Chicago who couldn't figure out why their best-team-in-the-league was getting trolled by Antoine Roussel. And who could blame them? The Hawks dominated this one.

By the way, remember to send flowers to everyone at NBC Sports. Evidence would suggest that someone hit every one of their dogs with some large number of cars this evening as the outcome of this one became clear.