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Gameday Thread: Chicago Blackhawks @ Dallas Stars

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Come chat with us live as the Stars try to keep up with the world champs.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

From morning skate:

"They're probably one of the best transition teams in the league, so you make a mistake with the puck anywhere around the blue line or top of the circles, and they're as good as any team at getting four guys up, sometimes five guys up," Lindy Ruff told media. "Their gap, d-gap and up near the team's forward, is impressive, which, when you turn it over, it leads to them going the other way and they've got skill up front. Even last game you see two or three breakaways off their transition."

So the Stars have been watching, and they know what's coming. The question is: Can they do anything to stop it? The comment about the puck "anywhere around the blue line" is ominous.

Lines will change a little...

Whitney-Cody Eakin-Chiasson

To start, anyway. Peverley could be dispatched to whichever line needs him the most as he's become like Mr. Fix-it like Jere Lehtinen was for years.

Let's be civil in the comments, tonight, please...