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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Winging It in Motown

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Stars facing a statistical rarity - an Eastern Conference team that has previously beaten a Western Conference team, Chicago is full of classy people, and why Adam Pardy didn't get a two-minute minor for removing his helmet.

Jonathan Daniel

It was a quiet day for the Stars as far as practice goes. A brief practice, and the only line juggling was due to a maintenance day for Jamie Benn. [Sports Day DFW]

So we have to turn elsewhere for news. And the big story of the day was the game between the Winnipeg Jets and Chicago Blackhawks, a thrilling game full of highlight reel goals, Lehtonen-esque saves, bone-jarring hits, and... just kidding. I didn't watch any of it. All I was interested in was this priceless moment.

I had thought that tongue-in-glass-girl had wrapped up the award for best fan indefinitely. And here I apply a broad definition to the term 'best.' Well tongue-in-glass-girl... you've got competition. And no, it doesn't come from Dallas' very own Blazer Guy. Chicago now has Helmet Man, a superhero capable of ripping the helmets off unsuspecting opposition players, while his accomplice then pours beer over their now defenseless heads. This is why you pay the big money to sit on the glass, kids. For the opportunity to shower Adam Pardy with beer.

You stay classy Chicago.

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There's a game tonight! And it's against the Red Wings! Who I was not sad to see leave the Western Conference. [Stars Inside Edge] [CBS Sports] [ESPN]

I always enjoy Mike Heika's post-game Observations. Even if he does have some funny ideas about that minor conflict back in the day where Britain finally got rid of the colonies. [Sports Day DFW]

Thoughts on the Stars' powerplay, Valeri Nichushkin's breakout, and Sergei Gonchar's continuing struggles... [On the Radar]

Just like his former club? Let's hope the Stars don't turn out to be just like the Red Wings. In some respects though, sure. Like the ridiculous playoff streak. [M Live]

A story on the under-utilized Lane MacDermid, and Lindy Ruff's history with the family. [The Windsor Star]

Colorado lost, Colorado lost! []

So there was that 'phantom goal' the other night in the Sharks and Sabres game. Turns out the NHL do have an explanation [CBC Sports]

And lastly, some great underhanded slamming of the Boston media and their handling of the Tyler Seguin trade. Everybody loves a little Boston bashing. [Pension Plan Puppets]