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GameCenter Live Rewind: Time for Jamie Benn to Switch Up Shootout Move?

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In which we use Game Center Live to GIF his four bids and compare.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure: The National Hockey League grants SB Nation blog managers free access to NHL Gamecenter Live, and in return we spend our entire lives for months or years on end generating discussion, interest and buzz about their on-ice product at the cost of our personal relationships, job performances and grades. Also we mention it in a post once a year.

If that offends ye, look away.

I have no problem endorsing a product I truly love. I use it everywhere. In the kitchen while I cook dinner with a knife in my hand, distracted while trying to figure out why none of these Eastern Conference teams can bow-up and beat a Central team for us. I have it on my phone while I give my daughter a bath, on occasion. I have it on my phone while my wife is watching something on the television about vampires or whatever it is women do.

Everywhere. All the time. So if you want to put yourself at risk of injury while ignoring your family too, I'd highly recommend it.

I used it late last night while wondering if Jamie Benn has performed the exact same shootout move four times in a row and made some GIFs.

Against San Jose, basically the same. His shot placement was a little different.


Against Winnipeg it worked, except for that stupid post it hit.


It was the game winner in Ottawa.


Rask was ready for it last night.


Sloppy GIF-ing on that one, my apologies. It wasn't on GCL yet.

As Razor said last night, there's a lot of recon done on this sort of thing now and goaltenders are aided by team staff in watching video of potential shooters.

So is Jamie Benn's shootout move "Jussi" good, where he should go on using it with impunity or should he switch it up? We spoke last season about regulation wins and touted the number they had for a while, until it wasn't enough. Ultimately points are better, and you worry about tie-breakers later.

So it's fun to hope they'll be in enough skills competitions for such mundane topics to matter. The Winnipeg, Boston and San Jose shootouts were good situations- Games in which they trailed beyond the halfway point where they came back to earn points. The Ottawa game, not so much.