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Moment of Silence Before Tonight's Dallas Stars Game For Loss Of Local Hockey Family

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Three of the Allen, Texas family members were killed on the road in Arizona in a car accident. The two sons played in the Dallas Junior Hockey Association in Dallas.

The Dallas Stars will hold a moment of silence at tonight's game versus the Chicago Blackhawks in remembrance of the Stryker family.

Rebecca and James Stryker and their 16-year-old son Travis were killed in a car accident in Arizona when their vehicle collided head-on with another vehicle in a remote stretch of highway. Travis' twin brother, Austin, survived the accident but was hospitalized with a compression fracture in his back.

The two young men played hockey for the Dallas Junior Hockey Association. Travis was a forward on the team and Austin a goalie.

"Both Austin and Travis loved being at the rink. They loved playing hockey. It doesn't matter what the role is, they love being a part of the team," Mewett said. [CBS]

Hockey is a great community, very much like a large sprawling family. It's difficult to lose a member of that local hockey family we have here in Dallas. So if you weren't planning on coming out to the game tonight, maybe you'll consider coming to help pay respects to a family that lost so much this holiday season.

The Dallas Junior Hockey Association has set up a fund to help the family during this difficult time. You can find details on how to donate here on the DJHA home page. I hope you'll consider giving whatever you can spare -- every little bit counts.