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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Alex Chiasson Sweating Scoring Slump

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The Dallas Stars rookie that once seemed to be able to score goals at will admits that his newfound slump is weighing on him.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We tried to warn everyone that Alex Chiasson's goal scoring pace was unsustainable, and that eventually he'd fall back down to Earth and go through the struggles that all rookies experience in their career. Well, I didn't personally... but Defending Big D certainly tried to keep everyone's expectations grounded in reality. Still, his recent drought is admittedly weighing heavily on the young man's mind.

Chiasson has been featured on the Stars second line, and seeing ample time on special teams as well. Despite his slump, he is still being put on the ice for some very important minutes for this team. "I’m trying to focus on the little things that got me here," Chiasson said. "Lindy told me, ‘Keep playing the right way, and I’ll keep using you as much as I have.’ So for me, it’s just going back to the areas that seem to be successful."

The difference maker for him is that he's been a useful player in all facets of his game, so being snake bitten right now isn't a complete game killer. Since we at Defending Big D like to keep everyone on an even keel, I'm going go out a limb and say that this slump will pass just as surely as his scoring streak did. The kid is going to be just fine. [Dallas Morning News]

In other Dallas Stars rookie headlines, Valeri Nichushkin is getting fantastic reviews on the ice and off the ice, from teammates, management, fans, and media outlets. There's a lot to like about Big Val's game, and he is looking more and more explosive with every passing match.

Not only has his play on the ice been stellar, but he's also gone a long way to disproving all of the stigmas that were associated with him pre-draft. His vision has was greatly undersold, as was his willingness to put in the work in his own zone. He has come off as anything but a prima donna, and has quickly become one of the Stars most popular personalities. [Fox Sports]

Another Stars figure that has been winning fans left and right is Lindy Ruff. Not only has he come off as a very intelligent and thoughtful addition to the Stars brain trust, but he's also just exuding the kind of class and dignity you'd like to see from your head coach. On Friday, he even had the team observe a moment of silence in honor of the anniversary of JFK's assassination. [Dallas Morning News]

Former Stars head coach Ken Hitchcock is also earning rave reviews for his work with the St. Louis Blues, who take on your Dallas Stars tonight. [St. Louis Post Dispatch]

Yahoo! Sports wrote an editorial piece on the Lane MacDermid trade, and basically signified it as a nail in the coffin to the role of enforcers for this team and this sport. I think he's probably reading too much into it. [Yahoo! Sports]

A group of NHL alums got together to play a charity game for a good cause, Alzheimer's awareness. []

David Desharnais, fodder for HFBoards trade rumors (usually to Dallas), and otherwise embattled little son-of-a-gun for the Montreal Canadiens, finally scored his first goal of the season last night in the Habs' win over the Washington Capitals. Good for him. I always like the guy. [WTOP]

For those of you who've known me for a while, you may remember my original blogging home, "The Other 6 Seconds." Well, with the support of my fellow bloggers here at Defending Big D, I've been reviving that personal blog for this season. Today's post delves into the idea of the Dallas Stars hosting a Stadium Series even of their own, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, and sets the tone for a full-blown project I've decided to tackle. [The Other 6 Seconds]