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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Too Soon for Trade Speculation?

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In which speculation abounds, the Florida Panthers continue their dominating road trip, and waiver-acquisition Dustin Jeffrey is unmasked...

Ben Nelms

A quiet day in Dallas, with new acquisition Dustin Jeffrey skating with the Stars, but nothing particularly newsworthy.

So we'll delve into speculation. Mike Heika gave a live chat yesterday and answered a number of fan's questions. And the recurring theme seemed to be the possibility of trades. Not only with the rumors surrounding Vernon Fiddler, but also the possibilities of moving some veterans as the season progresses.

"I do believe they will make moves before the deadline. I think the fact that Fiddler, Whitney and Robidas can become free agents makes them players of interest. I think they have to do something to clear up the logjam on defense. There will be a lot of trade talk surrounding the Stars, and a lot of options for GM Jim Nill. So we'll just have to wait and watch."

A side-plot of the possible trades of a few veterans is the current lack of space for the young guys coming up the system. Travis Morin, Chris Mueller, and Kevin Connauton have all had brief looks this season, but none have had the opportunity to carve out a niche on the big league club. And that probably won't be changing any time soon.

"By the looks of it, none of the youngsters are getting ice time until there is an injury or a trade. The Stars are showing that they trust the veterans and are going to stick by them. Plus, when you consider that they won't trade Dillon, and are unlikely to trade Gonchar or Jordie Benn, then the options for turnover start to slim down."

The full chat can be found here.

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