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Video: Kari Lehtonen's Save on John Mitchell is Just Stupid Good

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"Like a spider monkey with the full scissor-kick."

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Analysis of last night's tilt against the Colorado Avalanche can wait until the weekend's package of game are complete. It wouldn't be much fun. And it's Saturday- Don't we deserve to have a little fun?

Kari Lehtonen provided some with the jaw-dropping moment of the season thus far last night with a save on John Mitchell early in the third period to keep the Stars within a shot, and in the end it mattered big-time. The words to describe its transcendental nature fail me even the morning after.

But Razor had a few-

"Like a spider monkey with the full scissor-kick."

The moving pictures:

Certain angles made it seem as though the puck had indeed crossed the line, others not so much. Kari would liked to have frozen the puck there a couple of times. Vern Fiddler doesn't look to great on the play there upon further review, but a different official would have blown it down sooner, there's no question.

It's a little bit like watching Tiger Woods hit one out of the deep rough three inches from the pin. It is impressive on its own to no end, but not getting into the bind in the first place would be preferable. In the context of the game it's emblematic of what Kari had to do last night just to get one point. You put your goaltender in situations like that often enough and he's going to get hurt again. Swinging his leg over there at all, not to mention the velocity at which it came, is awesome.

But those groins... The way to protect them is to give him less to do.

Still, his concentration on the puck, lost stick forgotten as he scuttled, is a thing of beauty.

Or I suppose one could evaluate it as did one of the YouTube commenters on that video: "shitty shot." ;)

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