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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Owner Tom Gaglardi Talks Stars' First 20 Games

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An off day for the Stars and a light one for the NHL schedule aside, we catch up on the news of the day...

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Spor

Mark Stepneski over at the official site had a good chat with Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi Monday afternoon, where the teams' benefactor was asked about Benn and Seguin's success:

"They've been great. Let's face it, they've been great. There have been a lot of good efforts. A lot of the guys that struggled early - the older guys - some of them have picked it up and played much better. Obviously to win six in a row on the road you need a great effort from your goaltender and most of your guys, and we're getting that.

"Struggled early."

"The older guys."

"Some of them" have picked it up. Just some.

He was unequivocally positive in his overall tone, as well he should be after watching them win six in a row on the road, but we do always enjoy these little nuggets that align with what the average-joe fan is thinking. It's a good chat and insightful- Check the whole thing out here at Dallas

The links...


I don't think we hit this yesterday, so just in case you missed it, here's Mike Heika's observations on the Stars' 2-1 win in Vancouver. The man produces the finest Stars-related writing in the known universe. [Dallas Morning News]

This Bruins fan says other Bruins fans should move on from Seguin trade, but then goes on to backhand compliment Seguin for about 800 words or so. [Mass Live]

If you want to sully your facebook timeline with something Star Telegram related you might win tickets to a Stars game. [Star Telegram]

Some schadenfreude here as the Canucks' media ponders their seeming lack of depth right now after the Stars held them to a fourth consecutive one-goal offensive output. That questionable call on the goaltender interference is going to rankle for quite a bit up there. [The Province]

At least Daniel Sedin admits that one blown call is not where the Canucks lost that game. [The Province]

The Pacific Division for Dallas may be gone, but not forgotten. Click here for video of Corey Perry being an insufferable _____ nozzle, stealing an opposing player's stick. [Kuklas Korner]

If you want to see a Penguins-fan reaction to the Stars' claiming of Dustin Jeffrey off of waivers click here, and remember that the English language is a tough one for some. ["Penguins 101"]

The NHL will be producing a new documentary series on some of the teams involved in outdoor games this coming winter. According to Puck Daddy: "The players announced so far as the show's focus: Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Henrik and Daniel Sedin, John Tavares, Henrik Lundqvist and Jonathan Quick." [Puck Daddy]

Annoyed at the thought of Loui Eriksson playing with Brad Marchand? Aren't we all? Good news then: The Bruins moved him to their fourth line Monday night. Reilly Smith, meanwhile, racked two more points up for Boston, and like Seguin, could be said to be achieving things he would not have in his original locale. [Pro Hockey Talk]

The Flames beat the Jets in hockey's equivalent of a cripple fight Monday night. []

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