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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Jamie and Jordie Benn Playing Big Roles for the Stars This Season

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In which Jordie Benn is shown some brotherly love, Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn are greater than the sum of their parts, or however that saying goes, and cheap beer at the AAC is cheap.

Derek Leung

We talked about Jamie Benn yesterday, with a quote from Jordie Benn. Now let's talk about Jordie Benn, with a quote from Jamie Benn.

"Every guy who comes into the league is afraid to make a mistake and then get scratched or sent down. We're all that way, so it was natural for him. But you have to push through it, and he's done that... We grew up competing against each other our whole lives, so I know what a great athlete he is. He's capable of doing some great things." [Sports Day DFW]

I still can't get over how much more confident Jordie Benn looks this season. It's almost as if after his rookie season he's adjusted to the speed of the NHL and the nerves have fallen away. Imagine that.

Meanwhile, the honorary third member of the Benn Brothers is making quite the splash. Greg Wyshynski weighs in on Tyler Seguin's performance so far this season and some of the reasons why he wouldn't have been the same player with the Bruins. Particularly this one.

But even if the Bruins elevated him to top line center, there's another reason Seguin [wouldn't be] doing what he's doing now in Boston.

Two words: Jamie. Benn. [Puck Daddy]

If Puck Daddy says it, why then it must be true.

* * *

Bob Sturm is completely sold on the Stars, and thus I am completely sold on the Stars. [Sturm Words]

Stars win! Stars win! It's official. The Dallas Stars are Puck Daddy's beer cost index champions of the 2013-2014 season. [Puck Daddy]

Central Division recaps from last night. And yes, Winnipeg and Minnesota both won. Sigh... [Conference iii]

Jarome Iginla isn't known as a fighter writer, but here he is, weighing in on the debate about fighting. [ESPN]

So the Red Wings lost last night to the Capitals. Which is cause enough for ordinary celebration. But check out this celebration.[]

The GM's are discussing a reevaluation of the current overtime and shootout format during the regular season. Just talk, but it sounds like some changes might be on the table come the next GM meeting in March. [Sports Day DFW]

So there have been a few soft goals this season, and some flukes. But this one by Columbus is a comedy of errors. A goal mouth collision, a player breaking his stick and falling over as he attempts to shoot, and then a chip shot from the point, soccer style, over an out of position keeper. Umm... congratulations? []

And finally, a little bit of Sabres love from Down Goes Brown in the weekly NHL Grab Bag, as well as many other random things. As the title of the column suggests. [Grantland]