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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Steven Stamkos Suffers Horrific Leg Injury

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In which the Lightning lose Steven Stamkos for the foreseeable future, Lindy Ruff shows off his juggling skills, and the Stars continue hanging out, not playing a hockey game.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It's never a pretty sight. Seeing any player, let alone a star, go down during a game.

The Stars have been lucky so far this season with injuries. There was the injury to Kari Lehtonen that kept him out for a 1-4-0 run by the Stars, but beyond that Dallas has lost all of zero man games to injury. Now, that's obviously not something that can last, as this is hockey after all. Guys are paid to brutalize one another, and so of course some of them are gonna get hurt. Which is why during the progression of a season, the daily injury report plays a crucial role. An NHL season is a long grind, and as team's invariably lose players it is the organizations that have the depth to fill in for those absences that succeed in the long run. But there are some players whose loss would take far more than a few replacement-level players to fill in for.

One of those players is Steven Stamkos. The Tampa Bay Lightning had been off to an impressive start - by Eastern Conference standards anyway - this season, but the loss of Stamkos will be a big blow to the club. Stamkos was leading the league in scoring, well, tied with Sidney Crosby anyway, and was on pace for a record number of goals over the season. A broken tibia has changed all that, and it's unlikely we'll see Stamkos on the ice before the Winter Olympics - that date being set by Team Canada as the wholly unrealistic goal for his return.

I shudder to even think where the Stars would be if one of their leading scorers went down. But it's a part of this sport we all love. It's a part of all sports. That random lottery of injury and the adversity it brings. It's the price an elite athlete pays.

Yesterday wasn't Steven Stamkos' day. All the best to him though in his recovery, and good luck Tampa Bay. You'll need it.

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