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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Eddie's Better

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Semyon Varlamov traveling with the Avalanche as they arrive in Dallas for the second of five matchups between the teams.

Richard Wolowicz

So it turns out the Avalanche won't be Varlamov-less when they roll into town, but one has got to wonder what his focus will be like if he does play. Patrick Roy, unsurprisingly, avoided the question of whether Varlamov would be in net for the Avs tonight: "We're going to take it one day at a time, like we've been doing all year long." [ESPN]

Game day decision? Of course it is.

On the Stars side of things, there were some big surprises yesterday in practice, as the Stars skated with the exact same lines from Tuesday's game. Big surprise because, well, I mean, hmm... So maybe it's not a surprise. [Stars Inside Edge]

But we all love consistency, and at least now consistency doesn't mean sticking with the Sergie Gonchar/Alex Goligoski pairing. So that's good. Also from Stars practice yesterday, it turns out I wasn't the only one wondering what exactly Lindy Ruff meant when he originally said "Everybody Ropes, Everybody Rides." Here's some elucidation for ya:

"The meaning behind it is we need everybody to do the little things, If it takes getting your body in front of a puck late in a period or late in the game to prevent a puck from getting to the net, it's got to be done. It's sticking up for a teammate if something on the ice occurs where you have to have everybody in there. In today's game, it the willingness of everybody to commit to the system you're playing and play it as strong as you possibly can play it." [Sports Day DFW]

Good to know. But I still don't get where it comes from. I mean, we know that all Tyler Seguin knew of Texas when he arrived was that it was filled with steers and qu... well, whatever he meant to say. But does Lindy Ruff think all Texans grew up on a ranch in the saddle? And by extension, all Stars players? It's not like this is the Cowboys we're talking about...

* * *

Preview of tonight's game. The most interesting thing here is the Avalanche's 1.46 goals against average, and their team .955 save percentage. Prove to me that's sustainable and I'll buy you the world. [Sports Day DFW]

Wanna know whose numbers are only barely behind those of Colorado's netminders? Kari Lehtonen's. Obviously though, his are completely sustainable. [Stars Inside Edge]

And one more preview of tonight's epic contest. [CBS Sports]

So we don't know yet whether Varlamov will be playing, but one guy we know will be in the Avalanche lineup is Maxime Talbot, newly acquired from the Philadelphia Flyers. []

The suspension on John Scott was finally delivered. Seven games. Curious that Puck Daddy views the Ryan Garbutt hit on Dustin Penner as worse though. I beg to differ Mr Wyshynski... [Puck Daddy]

This is the biggest concern with Daily Links. The temporal paradox created by writing an article with relevant links in the evening, only to find that article posted the next morning... with all relevance lost! It's still Halloween guys! Or it was. And might still be. But so we can finally sign off on All Hallow's Eve and move into All Saint's Day, three final Halloween themed articles: A not-so-fictional fictional account of the Stars and the Central Division at Pegasus News, and of course, because we would never expect anything less, Puck Daddy with some inspired costume ideas. Try them out. It might not be too late! And in case you missed it first time around, Megalodon's Central Division horror stories.

And lastly, happy Movember everybody!