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Announcement: Unofficial Watch Party This Friday For Dallas Stars Versus Winnipeg Jets

You know what's better than watching the first road game of the season? Watching it with other Stars fans!

Ronald Martinez

It's pretty hard for us to throw together watch parties on weekends during the fall months of the Dallas Stars schedule. Most bars and restaurants will be showing college football on Saturdays with the NFL games dominating the Sundays. And if you're really lucky, you can throw in an MMA fight on a Saturday night to really mix it up. [True story: I had a tray of drinks spilled on me at a watch party we attempted right before an MMA fight one fall Saturday a few years ago. I won't be doing that again...]

Some friends and I found an AMAZING place in Addison that is happy to host Stars fans for the first road game of theseason this Friday. We will be at Addison Ice House, located at 3875 Ponte Avenue Suite 250 in Addison, Texas, starting around 6 PM CST to watch the Stars take on the Winnipeg Jets -- our first look at a new division mate, too. They've extended happy hour for us throughout the game -- $1 off all beer, wine and liquor. They have a pretty tasty food selection too! Check it out here -- Addison Ice House.

This watch party isn't hosted by the Stars -- but it will be full of Victory Green wearing Dallas Stars faithful! Rumor has it we will even have some cool autographed giveaways as well. Don't you want to come out and join us and root on the Stars?

Come early. Be loud. Stay late.

P.S. Order the pigs in a blanket and thank me later.