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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Playing the Waiting Game

‘Everybody ropes, everybody rides,' including Lindy Ruff in his heyday, and Alex Chiasson's streak can't end if the Stars don't play another game...

Ronald Martinez

Well we're halfway there. Halfway through this seemingly interminable stretch without a Dallas Stars hockey game. We have Stars practice though at least! After a day off Sunday, the Stars returned to the ice yesterday, focusing on offensive zone work and conditioning. Intriguingly, lines were the same as they were for the Capitals game last Saturday. Meaning Rich Peverley is still skating on the fourth line. Presumably there will be some shuffling as he returns to game shape, but for the moment the Stars are maintaining a level of consistency in the lineup.

And Shawn Horcoff feels our pain regarding the lengthy break. Albeit for different reasons.

"It's a little difficult because you play a couple games and you want to get after it. If you were talking to us in January or February, guys would take the four days off. We've been practicing for so long, and once you get into games you want to get a little momentum and into a rhythm and this throws it off a little bit. We'll use it to work in on things we need to and just be ready for Friday." [Stars Inside Edge]

A strange scheduled break early in the season, but the Stars scheduling doesn't improve much following this. On the road a lot, and the idea of a ‘homestand' will be a foreign one, for the next month or so anyway. But hey, at least there won't be any more five day breaks. [Sports Day DFW]

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Everybody should read this article, if only to see that Mike Heika gives Defending Big D a shout out. Oh, and there are some good quotes from Lindy Ruff about accountability and sticking up for the goalkeeper. [Sports Day DFW]

Speaking of Ruff, here's a fun one. Some fight footage of Lindy! Really can't wait for Patrick Roy and the Avalanche to come to town now... Bring it on Patrick. [The Hockey News]

A cool new feature from Second City Hockey, our sister site for the Chicago Blackhawks. A trip round the league, looking at the standings and the performance of each team over the past week. [Second City Hockey]

Five ‘surprises' from the first week of play, and Alex Chiasson's streak is on there. Were you surprised though? Hardly. [USA Today]

One more on Chiasson. Only, well... est-ce qu'il y'a les francophones ici? Ça vaut la peine si je partage des links en français? Ici, la touche magique d'Alex Chiasson. [La Presse]

A little hasty? Broad Street Hockey discusses the firing of Peter Laviolette only three games into the season. [Broad Street Hockey]

And lastly, time for the only weekend recap worth reading. Guess who's drawing Gretzky references for the Stars? [Puck Daddy]