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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Semyon Varlamov Arrested in Denver

When hockey players make national headlines for all the wrong reasons...

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

He was already a big news story this season. Backstopping the Colorado Avalanche to an incredible start, and, along with Jean-Sebastien Giguere, being a primary reason for that impressive early season run.

But there's a chance that all that has been thrown away. Last night Semyon Varlamov surrendered to police in Denver and is facing charges of kidnapping and third-degree assault in a domestic violence case. The kidnapping charge can be defined as follows:

According to C.R.S. 18-3-302 a person commits second degree kidnapping when s/he seizes and carries any person from one place to another, without his consent and without lawful authority; or s/he takes away any child below 18 years with intent to keep or conceal the child from his or her parent or guardian or with intent to sell, trade, or barter such child for consideration. [US Legal]

Who knew we'd be getting a lesson in Colorado law this week?

Here I was, fully intending to come up with something scary for Daily Links on Halloween. And then this happened. What a strange world.

We should know more in the near future, as Varlamov is scheduled to be in court at 10a. Strange too that this will directly impact the Stars as Varlamov, he of the sparkling .945 save percentage, was scheduled to start in goal in Friday's game. With today's appearance in court, that is looking somewhat unlikely.

* * *

But hey! Let's focus. It's Halloween! And a few NHL players besides Varlamov are getting in on the act. Pictures are worth a thousand words, so I'll say no more. [ProHockeyTalk]

The Avalanche might be winning though, when it comes to costumes. Especially baby Nathan MacKinnon. [CBS Sports]

Was this already posted? It might have been. I have the memory of a goldfish. Regardless, Jack Campbell's new mask is pretty awesome. [SB Nation]

October by the Numbers. A lot of numbers in this article. You've been warned. [Stars Inside Edge]

Stars still figuring it out. But at least that thought implies that it can be figured out. [Sportsday DFW]

Things to watch for/think about/muse upon/dismiss out of hand as the Stars enter the second month of the season. [On the Radar]

Good summary here of the depth of the Star's prospect pool. [Hockey's Future]

A lead story proposing to punish organizations for the actions of their players on the ice, and after that a few of this week's 30 Thoughts devoted to the Stars. Not that that's the only reason for reading them, but it does help. [CBS Sports]

So not only did Boston get rid of a promising young Tyler Seguin last year, but before that it was Phil Kessel on the trading block. Interested in how those trades are looking with the clarity of hindsight? [Eyes on the Prize]

Hey! Happy Halloween everyone! Be safe, have fun, and don't be like this sap, even if you do love hockey masks.