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Dallas Stars Daily Links: The Wait Is Over

Stars faceoff tonight against the Florida Panthers, and this time it’s for real.

Ronald Martinez

It's finally here! After, I don't know, sixteen years at least since the Stars last played a meaningful hockey game, the new season is finally upon us. The wait is over.

About time too, as some teams *cough* Toronto Maple Leafs *cough* have played and won two games already. Before the Stars season has even begun! So let's get to it already, right Jamie Benn? Right.

"We're sick of practicing. We're ready to go. You definitely want to be at the top of your game on day one. That's what we are going to do. We want to be hot from the start, get some wins, get some confidence and go from there." [Sports Day DFW]

Bold predictions for tonight's game? Tim Thomas is unbeatable through the first two periods, and then gets bored with hockey, leaving the net and allowing the Stars to come storming back for the victory. Alex Chiasson and Valeri Nichushkin are named co-winners of the Calder Trophy tonight. And Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin score a hat-trick apiece, then celebrate with a responsible night in, drinking tea and re-watching Breaking Bad.

It all happens tonight. Start counting down the hours.

* * *
All those predictions of the Stars not making the playoffs? Well Bob Sturm thinks they will. He says so right here. He says, ‘I am anticipating a return to the playoffs this year.' Eat your heart out ESPN. [Sturm Words]

Where did they all come from? Ever asked that when looking through the Stars roster? No? Really, you haven't? Whatever. Here's how all 24 players on the opening night roster (and on the injured non-roster list) found their way to the Stars. [Stars Inside Edge]

A look at some of the Dallas Stars storylines to watch for during this first week of action. [On the Radar]

So this article about tonight's foes, the Florida Panthers, reads very familiar to all of us Stars fans. Except, you know, worse. Because it's the Panthers. And while the pundits have discounted the Stars this season, we still believe. Whereas in Florida, the pundits have discounted them... and apparently nobody believes. Umm... Go Dolphins? [Miami Herald]

What we learned on opening night. Says it all right there. [Grantland]

A behind the scenes look at Alex Ovechkin's recent trip to Greece as a torchbearer for the Sochi Olympics. I know it's for the Winter Olympics, but a bobble hat? In Greece? [Monumental Network]

And you wanna hear something funny? The Avalanche absolutely trounced the Ducks. Wanna hear something else funny? Patrick Roy, yes, the Patrick Roy, in his coaching debut, got a game misconduct. All this sudden reticence about fighting in the NHL and Patrick Roy and Bruce Boudreau nearly get into it. I'd have taken an additional minor penalty to see that. [Puck Daddy]