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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Put Sabres to the Sword

An emotional homecoming for Lindy Ruff last night, and the maybe not as emotional homecoming of Alex Chiasson tonight, as well as a game in which the Stars only allow a paltry 25 shots against...

Rick Stewart

I'm torn. Game recap or game preview? It's always the case on the second day of a back-to-back. Here we are, still savoring/digesting/musing/pondering last night's game, and already we have another game crowding in with all its potential and excitement and future glory. What to focus on?


I just flipped a coin. We're going with last night. Know what I hadn't realized? Seven of the Sabres' eleven losses have been by a single goal. Which means they're treading a fine line between being the worst team in the league, and being a team slightly better than the worst team in the league. Last night they lost by a single goal. It could have been more, but after scoring their fourth goal, the Stars flatlined in the offense department, allowing the Sabres to get back into the game.

The good news though is that the scoring was by a mix of the usual suspects, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin, and a couple of vets new to this season's scoresheet party, Vern Fiddler and Alex Goligoski. Yes, Goose had his first point of the season last night. So maybe the healthy scratch worked, albeit a game late. Or maybe it was breaking up the pairing of Goligoski and Sergei Gonchar. Or maybe it's too early to tell.

Bonus points anyway to Jordie Benn for his third star selection. I'm liking him more and more as the season goes on. Like Shakira said: Stats Don't Lie. Strong positive possession numbers there for him, despite having (alongside Goligoski) the lowest number of offensive zone starts.

Oh, and lastly, Valeri Nichushkin... Will somebody please buy that kid a goal? Poor guy's so overdue it's painful. The breakout's gotta be on the way though. I'm predicting he pulls a Hertl on the league and scores a Joe Thornton hat trick here soon.

* * *

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