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Dallas Stars Daily Links: ‘Victory Green' Colored Glasses

One down for the Blackhawks, 23 to go, Razor gives us his take(s) on the approaching season, and Steve Ott can now officially chirp at the referees as well as opposing players.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The first day of the NHL season is in the books. The Blackhawks, Maple Leafs, and Jets are all undefeated. Well, technically 27 teams (including the Stars!) are still undefeated. But those first three also find themselves in the win column. Whatever. The Stars will get there. Thursday.

Until then, waiting is the hardest part. Lindy Ruff for one is ready to get things underway, and is feeling positive about the upcoming season.

"There's lots of things to like about what we did in training camp. The challenge is to put that behind us and get ready for that first game. On the offensive side of it, I thought we played well. We scored enough goals. I thought we cleaned up our defensive play towards the end of camp. We worked hard on special teams to put in how we want to kill and some of the execution we want to try on the power play. We want to continue to do that. The areas I talked about were solid." [Stars Inside Edge]

One more day to wait, then it all gets put to the test.

* * *

Razor's brilliant three-fold take on the upcoming Stars season. Personally, I'm somewhere between reasonably optimistic and wearing my ‘Victory Green' colored glasses proudly. [Razor with an Edge]

Valeri Nichushkin has some company. Seven of the top 10 picks in this year's draft made their team's opening night rosters. []

It's not just the Stars who will be icing a number of new faces. A useful summary of every team's off-season acquisitions. [TSN]

Puck Daddy's picks for the Western Conference standings. All I can say is, screw you Harrison Mooney.

All the prediction articles of the last few days... well here's the only one any of us should have bothered reading. [Winging it in Motown]

So much discussion yesterday about realignment and the new playoff format. Well, if you still have questions, this should answer them. Plus it comes with a free geography lesson that shows how daft the Metropolitan Division really is. []

And finally, yesterday, the Buffalo Sabres named Steve Ott the sometimes-captain of the team. Apparently he's going to split time with Thomas Vanek wearing the C. For obvious reasons, Otter will be the ‘road' captain. Should be fun when they come to Dallas. [Puck Daddy]