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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Do Everything But Win

No Dan Ellis problems, but the magic of Semyon Varlamov too much for the Stars...

Doug Pensinger

On the plus side, the Stars managed to do something that no other opponent of the Avalanche has yet done. Score two goals against them. On the negative side, the Stars only managed to score two goals against the Avalanche.

Blame Semyon Varlamov.

The Colorado netminder made 39 saves, several of the spectacular variety, to steal the game for the Avalanche. But hey, 41 shots for Dallas! Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding would have had to play two full games against the Stars to face that many shots.

Ultimately, this one may have just come down to seizing chances. The Avalanche were able to capitalize, the Stars weren't. Simple as that. But at least there are a lot of positives to take from the game. The Stars out-Corsi'd the Avs anyway you look at it, and scroll down just a bit on that link and savor that Fenwick chart. If nothing else, that's a pretty looking chart. Not enough though, but not a wasted effort either.

"It's something we can build off," said Tyler Seguin. "The first was shaky, but the second and third -when we were working hard and winning battles - is something we can take forward here. They worked hard as well. They're a good team. Their goalie was pretty incredible, all through the third period and in the dying seconds. It's something we can build off." [Stars Inside Edge]

At least this loss didn't leave quite the bitter taste as did the last one. On another night it could have gone the Stars way. You win some you lose some. And luckily, the Stars will have another chance to take down an undefeated team tomorrow, when the Sharks come to town.

Better start working on your best Ninja Hertl and Thornton's Rooster jokes now.

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Q&A's with Mike Heika. Although this is from before last night's game. Interesting to note, talking of Rome's return he suggests Jordie Benn as the odd man out. After last night's defensive display, there could be some debate on that... [Sports Day DFW]

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And if you enjoy that kind of thing, here's a breakdown of the absolutely stunningly incredible and amazing shorthanded goal scored against Roberto Luongo and the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday. [Pass It to Bulis]

But the hockey gods at least tried to make amends to Vancouver last night. [Kukla's Korner]

San Jose trounced the Blues last night to remain unbeaten. Some notes and stats here from before that game that are still relevant. Indeed, they may be even more intimidating now... [Puck Daddy]

So the other week I had a link to a Down Goes Brown article, talking about #fancystats and how the Maple Leafs were going to come crashing back to earth for daring to not believe in them. Toronto's coaching staff instead claim to put more focus on shot quality than mere possession. Ha! Silly Toronto... except... except last night against Minnesota, the Maple Leafs waltzed out with a 4-1 victory, despite being outshot 38-14. 4 goals on 14 shots? Hmm... *David taps chin* []