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Video: Kari Lehtonen Leaves Game in Winnipeg with Lower Body Injury

Kari Lehtonen left the game at the second period's final television timeout and won't return.

Fred Greenslade-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here we go again.

With the Dallas Stars comfortably leading the Winnipeg Jets 4-0 in the late stages of the second period Kari Lehtonen took a shot to the mask or chin from Jacob Trouba, hopped awkwardly, turned his head to look for the puck and then immediately removed himself from the game.

Early speculation was a potential contusion on his chin or an equipment malfunction as Dan Ellis entered.

Then word came from the Stars that the problem is actually lower body...

The nebulous and dreaded lower body injury for the big Finn. He's had groin problems in the past and issues with his back. It appears as though Dan Ellis will finish this one with the Stars still leading.

He was on his knees when he hopped a little. Perhaps it was something that happened before. We'll get back later after post game comments but Lindy Ruff won't say much.

Here's the best I can do on short notice...