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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Let's Get This Show on the Road

The Stars second training camp is over, let the season begin! Again.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

First game in six days, first game on the road this season, first game with Rich Peverley on the top line with Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin... Maybe.

We know the Stars will be playing their first road game this season against the Winnipeg Jets. But after a five day layoff, everything else is up in the air. We can assume the defense pairings will remain the same, although perhaps Kevin Connauton will see game action this weekend, but as for the forward lines, several new looks have been shown over the past few days. And with tonight being the first game of a back-to-back, the goaltender situation isn't certain either. Winnipeg will be on the second leg of their own back-to-back, so maybe it would make sense to play Dan Ellis tonight, and have Kari Lehtonen fresh for the game against the Wild tomorrow.

I don't have answers though! What I do have is this quote from Ray Whitney on bonding, or not, during a road trip.

"Well, there’s not a lot of time to bond when you’ve got back-to-back games on the road to start. But we’ve got a day off in Colorado later after that. I don’t know if you want to say there’s too much bonding. You’ve got guys going and doing their own things. Young guys do one thing and old guys do another, so you don’t have 23 guys hanging around and moving from place to place. But when you’re with each other for six days straight, you either learn to like each other or dislike each other. It’s an opportunity to get out early on the road for a fairly long trip to determine whether we really like each other or not. But it’ll be good. Get some time off in Denver, different things guys can do, we try to bring some guys with us, some new guys, when we do some different things. The Broncos are playing. That’s always an option if we’re up to it or feel up to it. Road trips, they’re taxing. But like I said, it is a good opportunity to get to know your teammates a little bit better." [Stars Inside Edge]

"You learn to like each other or dislike each other." Let's hope it's the former.

But only time will tell. And likewise for tonight's lineup. All this speculation yesterday, and there'll be more speculation today. Let's drop the puck already! [Sports Day DFW]

Oh, and don't forget, the unofficial watch party for tonight's game will be at Addison Ice House. No, I won't be there, but don't let that stop you!

* * *

Yes!!! We have game previews! Which can only mean there will be a game! Bear in mind they're brief. But I have two of them. [Sports Day DFW] [CBS]

And here's what happened in last night's game between the Wild and the Jets. [Global Post]

So apparently Lindy Ruff played junior hockey with Ryan Garbutt and Cody Eakin's fathers, Gord Garbutt and Grant Eakins. You can't make this up. [Sports Day DFW]

The only forward line to remain consistent in practices this week was the 2nd. Thoughts? [Stars Inside Edge]

Quantity over quality, every time. I mean, depth versus... Hmm... Better analysis of the keys to Stars success than I can manage found here. [The Hockey Writers]

Absolutely useless link from Sports Day On Air, detailing some trite observations from Barry Horn and Kevin Sherrington. Apparently the Stars need to show the fan base that... ooh look! Ice Girls in new uniforms! [Sports Day DFW]

This season, the Maple Leafs are gonna prove everyone right, or wrong, about advanced stats. [Grantland]

It's gonna be hard enough making the playoffs, let alone if the teams that are supposed to lose refuse to. [] [ESPN]

And in closing, a cool story here, about trailblazers in hockey, and the evolving face of the game. [The Color of Hockey]