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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Jamie Benn with Something to Prove

Jamie Benn's motivation, St Louis only won because of Brenden Morrow, and the rest of the league are halfway through their season and still no third game for the Stars...

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

We all know and have talked about the snub to Jamie Benn when he missed out on an invitation to Canada's Olympic orientation camp over the summer. And we've talked about the motivation that will be for him to perform well this season. Here it is from his own mouth:

"Not getting an invite was a bit of a wakeup call for me, gave me a little bit of fire for the year. I want to be on that team. My focus is with the Dallas Stars but I want to have a good first three quarters of the season so I know I did everything to be a part of that team too." [The Washington Post]

But it hasn't been quite the dream start for Benn. Speaking to the Dallas Morning News, owner Tom Gaglardi said, "I look at the games, and I know our best players can be better." [ProHockeyTalk] Granted, he's not exactly being specific there, but there's little doubt which players are being referred to. Jamie Benn and new linemate Tyler Seguin will be expected to carry a lot of the offensive load this season, and a pair of assists between them - no matter how pretty that primary assist of Seguin's was - over the first couple games isn't going to cut it.

The Stars will be boarding a flight this evening for Winnipeg and the start of a three-game road trip tomorrow. Time now for that motivation to really kick in.

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Wednesday practice notes, from Mark Stepneski. [Inside Edge]

Thoughts on the long layoff, the upcoming road trip, and the Stars struggles on the powerplay. Only one shot on goal through the first five powerplay opportunities? Didn't realize it had been that anemic... [On the Radar]

He's one of us! He's also the owner of the Dallas Stars. Tom Gaglardi speaks. Listen. [Sports Day DFW]

Now, I really hate talking about economics. Mainly because I have no idea what I'm talking about. But this is Stars economics! Wait, what? That doesn't sell the article? Fine. How about this? Great article on the off-ice work that will lead to the Stars becoming champions. Better? [The Globe and Mail]

More mathematics, as Mike Heika enlightens us on salaries and cap space this season. [Sports Day DFW]

One to watch: Our next two opponents play tonight in Minnesota, with the Jets returning home tomorrow for the contest against the Stars. [The Globe and Mail]

News from around the league. Brenden Morrow as the missing piece for St Louis, extended training camp for the Stars, and, umm, other things. [Over the Boards]

They shoulda never stopped being Mighty. Cursèd rebranding. Looking forward though to busting out the North Stars jerseys at some point! [Kukla's Korner]

Puck Daddy with a prescient preview of the renewed rivalry between St. Louis and Chicago. And boy, they sure didn't disappoint. And since history is written by the winners, here's the game report from the Blues. [St Louis Game Time]

I know this isn't news to everyone, but it was to me. And now my mind has been overloaded with information. This isn't an article, so much as a treasure trove. Use it to while away the hours waiting for the next Stars game. [Extra Skater]

And on the subject of stats, and advanced ones, and saturating yourself with hockey knowledge, might as well spend some time on this website as well. It's all the rage these days. [Shift Chart]