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Mike Modano To Rejoin Dallas Stars Organization

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The hockey legend is returning to the Dallas Stars.

Ronald Martinez

As the Dallas Stars continue their all-out media blitz on the heels of this latest lockout, the team has taken to the airwaves and local programming to attempt to inform fans (current, former and future) that not only is hockey back in Texas -- but the Dallas Stars are focused on a return to greatness.

There is no doubt that there is one name that is absolutely and completely synonymous with the Dallas Stars, and that is Mike Modano. Since his retirement following the 2010-11 season, fans have been waiting for the Modano to rejoin the franchise that he helped build up to such greatness in Dallas and help lead it into the future. That time appears to be now.

Defending Big D can confirm that Mike Modano will be joining the Stars organization once more, with his official role with the team being made official next week.

Modano has spent the past few years since his retirement in Dallas and has made a few appearances here and there on behalf of the team. Along with Brett Hull, Craig Ludwig and Richard Matvichuk he also became a minority owner of the Allen Americans, another sign of his commitment to continue to build the sport of hockey in the Dallas area.

On Wednesday, the Stars released a brand new advertising campaign that feature Modano, Marty Turco and Joe Nieuwendyk. Simply titled, "Believe," you can see the inspiring video below:

You can watch the video with Turco here, and with Nieuwendyk here.

What exact role Modano will be filling with the team is uncertain, although it's almost certain to be in the marketing arena. Modano is the most recognizable sports figure in Dallas when it comes to hockey and having him with team once again, selling the sport and the Stars as they rebuild for the future, can only be seen as a great thing.