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Video: Highlights Of Jaromir Jagr's 2012-13 Season In Czech ELH

We only get 48 games of this Jagr?

The Dallas Stars made a big move over the summer (in case you're forgetting) when they signed NHL legend Jaromir Jagr to a one-year contract. For many, the signing was nothing more than a gimmick to be used by the Stars to market a legendary player as the team tries to gain traction once more in Dallas. For others, Jagr has value on the ice as a leader and as someone still capable of making some truly spectacular plays.

With the lockout delaying the start of the season by about three months, Jagr had 57 points and 24 goals in 34 games with HC Kladno, a team that he is the owner of. Jagr is a beloved hockey legend back in his home country and he obviously enjoyed playing there while the lockout continued on. Most importantly, it seems that he hasn't lost all of the skill and power that made him so good for so long in the NHL.

Now, the level of competition in the Czech league is far below what he'll see in the NHL, but this is still a great tease of what we hope to see in Dallas for 48 games this season.