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Dallas Stars Fall to Detroit Red Wings, 4-1

There was a hockey game tonight in Detroit. The Dallas Stars were on the ice for that game. That is all.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Not going to sugarcoat this one tonight.

The Dallas Stars are not a very good team, at least right now. They showed some life through the first 30 minutes of the game but then penalty troubles once again derailed the game and gave the Red Wings all of the momentum they needed. The Stars attempted to push back in the third but too many defensive miscues caught up to them and Detroit then ran away with the game.

It's tough to really get a bead on what is keeping the Stars from doing what they need to do to succeed. For many, it's easy to just say the Stars aren't trying hard enough or playing hard enough but that's certainly not the problem. Whether it's execution, the need for practice time, the lack of overall depth...the Stars are just not a cohesive team right now and it's getting worse with each game that passes.

And it's leading to a lot of frustration and anger from the fans. While no one expected a Cup contender or even a sure-fire playoff team, the Stars were expected to at least contend for the postseason this year -- those are the expectations set down from the owner himself.

You wonder if any changes are coming. You wonder just how much time the Stars will be allowed to pull out of this mess before something is done about it. Glen Gulutzan has some tough decisions to make, but first he needs to just get his team on the ice in Frisco and actually get some practice time.

Perhaps that's all they need. The Stars resemble a team searching for answers on the ice during games and perhaps they just need some time to figure things out. We've yet to see the full Stars team on the ice and with all of the schedule and travel issues of the first 10 days of the season, it's no wonder they're struggling to figure things out.

Thank goodness for Kari Lehtonen. He'll be the reason the Stars have any sort of chance to actually figure things out right now. Lehtonen is probably playing the best of any goaltender in the NHL right now, and the defense in front of him -- frankly -- is atrocious.

We'll have much more on all this moving forward.