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Daily Links: Don Cherry On Nail Yakupov: "He Acted Like An Idiot"

When scoring a goal, make sure not to celebrate too much. Otherwise the opponents will remember it forever.

Rich Lam

Don Cherry enjoys the attention he receives for the things he says and does. It's only logical, as it gets more people to watch him when he's on television. It would also explain the suits he chooses to wear for our viewing pleasure.

He recently spoke up about his thoughts on Nail Yakupov's celebration after his first ever NHL goal. Puck Daddy has a video posted of his segment, and if you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely go take a look.

Don has no problem letting it be known that he thinks that the celebration, along with Theo Fleury's from 20 years ago, were idiotic and should not have been done. According to his analysis, Nail embarrassed Jonathan Quick, last year's MVP of the playoffs, with his celebration. As a result, it will be something that the Los Angeles Kings will remember "until their dying day."

One interesting thing that Don Cherry does, is go back to the story line of the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames as proof as to why these celebrations should never be done. That celebration occurred in Game 6 of the first round of the playoffs, which forced a Game 7. Now, Don Cherry's argument is that the Oilers were so upset by this overtime goal celebration, that they went out and won Game 7, eventually moving on to the conference finals.

Personally, I think that had nothing to do with their victory. When Game 7 began, Fleury and the Flames jumped out to a 3-0 lead against the Oil. According to Cherry, it was only after that when the Oiilers remembered the celebration, and refused to let a guy like Fleury beat them. That might be true, I can't say for sure what happened in the locker room on that day. All I know is, if I were on that team, and I were extremely upset about a goal celebration, I wouldn't be starting the game by allowing those that embarrassed me to jump out to a three goal lead. More likely, they came back and won simply because they did not want to be eliminated from the playoffs. Again, though, these are just my own opinions.

If you compare goals, both of them are in high pressure situations. Fleury's goal was in overtime of a Game 6 that kept his team alive for one more game. It certainly sounds like a good reason to celebrate. And while Nail Yakupov's goal was only in the regular season, it was his first in the NHL, on top of it being a game tying goal against the defending Stanley Cup champions with only seconds remaining on the clock. For a rookie in the second home game of the season, that's about as exciting as it can get.

If either of these games were blowouts, I would feel differently about it. If they rubbed it in the face of the other team, I would be downright angry. But here you have two young kids, who each made a huge difference in the game, and were too excited to stand still. Is that really such an issue that they deserved to be called "idiots?" I hardly think so.

Coming up in today's links: Why Jamie Benn is still questionable (as of this writing) for tonight's game, a former Dallas Star fails a physical, and The Western Conference powerhouses stay right where they are.

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