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Photo Gallery: Dallas Stars Hold Game On! Ice Breaker At AAC

We've gathered the best photos from the Defending Big D's readers from last night's Ice Breaker at the AAC.

The Dallas Stars have done a tremendous job of getting back in front of the fans after the insane lockout we just endured, whether it's through a suddenly-hilarious and personable Twitter account or through the number of promotions and giveaways the team has pulled off in less than two weeks.

Part of the big promotion for the start of the season was the Game On! Ice Breaker, an open practice for fans to attend at the American Airlines Center. It was a chance to finally see the team at the AAC, with a new logo at center ice, followed by an autograph session by the players.

We asked for the best photos from the event, where more than 5,000 fans showed up to see their team practice -- as well as meet some legendary Stars players from year's past.

We'd like to thank everyone for submitting their photos. If there are any mis-credited or if you'd like yours added, please email us at