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Daily Links: Scott Gomez To Be Bought Out

Reports say that Scott Gomez has been told to wait at home until his contract is bought out.

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Jim McIsaac

Now that training camps are in full swing this week, we are beginning to see a little action around the NHL. One of the biggest news items yesterday was that Scott Gomez has been told that he will be one of the two compliance buyouts that the Montreal Canadiens can use. Wade Redden has been told the same for the New York Rangers, as well.

The problem is that compliance buyouts can't be used until after this shortened season is complete. In the mean time, they have been told to stay at home. Sean Leahy explains:

Neither Rangers GM Glen Sather nor Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin want to risk potential injury to either player. Teams cannot buy out injured players. Including this season, both have two years left on their contracts, with Redden having $11.2 million owed to him, while $14,714,286 remains coming to Gomez. Both players will get paid their full contracts for this season while they sit and wait for the summer arrive. Their salaries will still count against the Rangers' and Canadiens' caps.

Because both are over the age of 26, they will receive two-thirds of the value of their final contract year if/when they are bought out during the June buyout period.

While a lot of people might say how great it would be to collect millions of dollars while you sit at home, I doubt that it will be quite as entertaining to these two. Hockey players are generally proud of how hard they work, and what they accomplish. Yes, the money is great, but I'm sure they would much rather be out on the ice earning it. Hopefully, in the future, they will get a chance to prove themselves -- as long as they agree to sign much more manageable contracts.

Coming up in the links: The Stars' first day of camp, some NHL wheelings and dealings, and why some teams may not try their best to win this year.

  • The first day of Dallas Stars training camp was yesterday, and with it the pace has picked up considerably. With only a week before games begin, it's full steam ahead. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • Despite having 6 of their players called up, the Texas Stars have continued their winning ways. Jack Campbell got the shutout, at Texas won its franchise record 6th straight. [Hundred Degree Hockey]
  • Meanwhile, there is one Dallas Star not yet skating that people want to know about -- Jamie Benn. The team will have to focus on the task ahead without him, for the time being. [Dallas News]
  • While it may still take some time to the Stars to get a deal hammered out with Benn, there has at least been some good news on the RFA front. Michael Del Zotto has agreed to a 2 year deal. While his level of play may not be very comparable to Benn, the fact that he agreed to a bridge contract is a hopeful sign. [Newsday]
  • The 'Canes will be having some #DanEllisProblems this year, as they signed the goalie to a 1 year contract. They also traded for Kevin Westgarth from the Los Angeles Kings. It turned out to be a decently busy day for them. [NHL/NHL]
  • Even though the lockout is over, Scott Burnside gazes into his "crystal puck" and tells us what would have been if the lockout had continued. One of the highlights: In showing solidarity, the NHLPA takes a field trip to a theater, in order to watch the movie "Miracle" together. [ESPN]
  • While some are glad hockey is back, others are already gearing up for the next lockout. It's only 8 years away, after all. [Washington Post]
  • Here's an interesting case -- Even though hockey is back on, some teams may not bring in their high profile youngsters to the NHL level this season. Since it's only a 48 game season, some teams may think of it as burning a year off the Entry Level Contract, instead of trying to win. That means the Oilers might only play 66% of the NHL's last 3 #1 picks, instead of the full amount. [Globe And Mail]
  • Mark Stepneski caught some footage of the boys in practice yesterday. It looks like a pretty decently sized crowd was there as well. If you're interested in going, remember that all skates are free and open to the public.