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2013 NHL Schedule: Dallas Stars Have 2nd-most travel in NHL

The Dallas Stars will once again be traveling more than most teams in the truncated 2013 season.

Jeff Gross

Every season, Dirk Hoag of On The Forecheck compiles the schedules from around the NHL and determines just which teams will have the most or least travel. This is of most concern for the Dallas Stars, who typically have some of the toughest travel in the league, playing in the Pacific Division while playing at home in Texas.

With the 2013 season just 49 games and featuring only matchups against Western Conference teams and division-heavy schedule, it was already likely the Stars would once again be at the top of the list of most travel miles by any team in the NHL.

According to Dirk's calculations, the Stars will have the second-most travel miles of any team in the NHL, behind only the Minnesota Wild. From his article:

Team 2013 Miles



Minnesota Wild 31,345 9
Dallas Stars 29,482 9
Vancouver Canucks 29,117 7
Los Angeles Kings 28,132 8
Phoenix Coyotes 28,089 8
Calgary Flames 27,539 9
Detroit Red Wings 27,471 12
Winnipeg Jets 27,431 8
Edmonton Oilers 26,500 8
Colorado Avalanche 26,125 9
Florida Panthers 25,059 7

If you remember, the Stars would have had the most travel of any team in the league with the original 82-game schedule, by a fairly wide margin.

While the miles will remain tough for the Stars no matter who they might be playing and in what division, the toughest issue with Dallas playing the Pacific Division has always been the change across time zones and how that may affect players when hitting the road. The constant time changes, as well as the miles, tend to wear on a team -- although we've been told it's not as big a factor with the players as we might think.

That being said, the Stars are desperate to get out of the Pacific Division and this is one of the main reasons why.