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Video: Sergei Zubov's Game-Winning Greatness

The Dallas Stars Flashback Friday series takes a look at one of Sergei Zubov's all-time greatest goals.

The Dallas Stars release a Flashback Friday video every week, and this week's was just too good to pass up. When looking back upon the past 20 years or so, we forget just how great some of these players were. Sure, we talk about how incredible they were, how talented, but sometimes it feels like saying it just because we know it's true -- without actually remember why we are saying in the first place.

Mike Modano was great.

Jere Lehtinen was great.

Sergei Zubov was great.

We all know this. Dallas Stars fans who have been following the team for only a few years know this. Yet being able to actually see and hear what it was that made these players so incredible to watch on a daily basis is extremely important, and that is why the Dallas Stars Flashback Friday has been so great.

You can watch all of the past flashback videos here.