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How are you getting your hockey fix during the NHL Lockout?

Idaho Steelheads

As we roll on into another week without NHL hockey, and without neither the NHL nor the NHLPA apparently willing to actually negotiate, we're left with an uncertain future on just how we're going to be satisfying our craving for the sport we love.

I've seen a wide range of responses to this sort of inquiry, with fans saying they find themselves watching more NFL and college football than they ever have before or that they've simply turned away from sports altogether at his point. It's certainly understandable that for some, without the Dallas Stars and the NHL in progress, then they'll just calmly step to the side until cooler heads prevail.

But what about those of us that still love hockey and still want to follow this sport, even if the Dallas Stars are not taking the ice?

Personally, for myself and Defending Big D, we're turning our attention completely to the Texas Stars and to a bit of a smaller degree the prospects in general. While we've been discussing deeper coverage of the prospects system for a while now, the lockout has afforded us the chance to not only pay much closer attention -- but to actually expand our coverage here on the site.

It's not cheap, but there are ways to watch the Texas Stars play, as well as the prospects in the CHL. I'll be purchasing a single game here and there in order to satisfy my thirst for Stars hockey, no matter how far removed from Dallas, but it's certainly going to be tough for me to deal with the loss of the team I love the absolute most for any extended period of time.

Watching Radek Faksa and Matej Stransky play will be great, as will getting an increasingly detailed look at hockey in Austin, but it can only replace hockey at the AAC for so long. The NHL doesn't seem to be in a rush to get things settled anytime soon and until then, I'm going to have to find another way to take care of the craving I have for the sport I love.

What about the rest of the Stars fans out there? How are you getting your hockey fix?