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Dallas Stars' Pre-Season Games Through September 30th Officially Cancelled

The NHL announced Wednesday afternoon that the entire preseason schedule as it existed through September 30th has been officially cancelled owing to the "absence of a collective bargaining agreement."

For the Stars this includes four games, including what was to be part of training camp in Boise, Idaho, and another special event in San Antonio versus the Florida Panthers. The cancelled games are as follows...

Sept. 25: vs. Minnesota Wild (8:10pm) - CenturyLink Arena, Boise, ID
Sept. 26: at Minnesota Wild (7:00pm) - Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN
Sept. 28: at Florida Panthers (7:30pm) - AT&T Center, San Antonio, TX
Sept. 29: vs. Florida Panthers (7:00pm) - American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

Four other preseason games are still technically on the schedule from October 1st through the 6th, though their cancellation is also expected imminently.

From Hundred Degree Hockey on the cancellation of the game in Boise...

As of Monday, the Steelheads had posted contingency plans for ticket refunds to their Facebook page. Links to the box office site to buy tickets for the game had been removed from the web by Tuesday night as well.

The team had already sold 4,300 tickets for the game and sold out all of the arena's suites long ago. Only 700 seats remained for the game, which were expected to sell very quickly once the Stars arrived and buzz for the game reached a fever pitch. With possibly overflow seating, the potential was there for this to be the biggest hockey game in Idaho history.

"Our fans are disappointed about losing this game," said Will Hoenike [Director of Media and Community Relations for the Steelheads]. "Kids growing up in Caldwell, Idaho, are not often going to have the chance to stand next to an NHL legend like Jaromir Jagr, but that's what they had here. The fans know it's not the Stars' fault, but it's still disappointing."

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