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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Jamie Benn Not Headed To Europe, For Now

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With the NHL lockout now official, some players are starting to make their contingency plans known.

Several of the European NHL players have signed deals overseas, including Evgeni Malkin and Ilya Kovalchuck, and their Russian comrade Alex Ovechkin will join them soon once he settles on which club. Joe Thornton and Rick Nash have also announced they're headed to Switzerland to play for Davos.

There haven't been many unexpected moves on the Stars front, though there have a few rumors swirling about Tom Wandell and a Swedish club.

And the Stars No. 1 center isn't planning to join the group of players heading overseas for the time being.

Jamie Benn’s agent, Rich Evans, said via email that his client, the No. 1 center for the Dallas Stars, will stay here for now.

In other Stars player moves, Jaromir Jagr has officially joined HC Kladno, the team he owns in the Czech Extraliga, and a pair of other NHL players will join him on the roster. Alex Goligoski hasn't signed anywhere but is playing with a large group of NHL players up in Minnesota for now.

After the jump, a closer look at the new Kari Lehtonen contract, all the NHL lockout you can stand and you won't like Teemu Selanne when he's angry.

  • Here's an interesting little caveat about the new Kari Lehtonen contract - it's front-loaded, which, in a worst-case scenario world, makes the contract a little more appealing on a trade market should Jack Campbell burst onto the scene in a few years. He also has a no-trade clause, though it is limited in the final three years of the deal. []
  • Mike Modano is still a little up in the air about his role in hockey post-retirement, outside of his partial ownership of the Allen Americans of course, but he is interested in working with USA Hockey in some way. [USA Hockey]
  • If this lockout drags on for the entire season (please, god, don't let the lockout drag on for the entire season), here's a list of players who might have their NHL careers prematurely concluded. Sadly, at least for Stars fans, Jagr is an understandable entry on this list. []
  • As an employee of an NHL team and yet someone with relationships with NHLPA members, Stars broadcaster Daryl Reaugh understandably isn't going to take a side on all things lockout. But you can rest assured he's as disappointed about the situation as the rest of us. []
  • At least one veteran agent thinks the lockout won't roll into the major U.S.-holidays. I wish I could be as optimistic as he is, though I do like his suggestion of a non-binding arbitrator to at least get things moving. [Edmonton Journal]
  • As for the current mess, Teemu Selanne is not impressed. [Anaheim Calling]
  • I know we're all ready to move on to and get a new CBA rolling, but do take a moment to take a look back at some of the greatest hits of the recently-expired deal. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Before Stars Insider, like all other Stars-related video, went into the forced lockout hiatus, they did release a post-summer break edition that featured, among others, a very skinny goalie Kari Lehtonen.