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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Lack Of Trust In Negotiations Means NHLPA Is Willing To Wait

If you wonder, like I do sometimes, why the NHL and NHLPA can't just lock themselves in a room from now until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is written, the issue is apparently a matter of trust.

As Nick Cotsonika of Yahoo Sports details in this article, the players know the economics of the impending lockout make no sense for them in the short term. After all, they will lose more money after not playing the first 10 percent of the season or so than Gary Bettman and the NHL owners are asking them to give back in HRR-percentage cuts.

The players could move further. They could offer to freeze the $1.88 billion in salary they made last season and see if the owners back off their demand for an immediate pay cut. They could offer to scale down to 50 percent of hockey-related revenue and see if the owners would come up from 47.

But it doesn't sound like they will, because they think if they give another inch, the owners will want another mile.

"You need them to come to us with that deal, and then we need to decide whether we can live with it, really," Cammalleri said. "Because if we went to them right now and said, 'We'll take 35 percent of revenue, let's start the season tomorrow,' Gary might well say to us, 'Aw, you know what? Thanks, that's a good offer, but we're going to lock you out anyways and ask for 30 percent.' "

Given what happened in the last CBA negotiations, I can't blame them for that attitude. But at the same time, it's an extremely depressing stance, because neither side seems willing to blink any time soon.

After the jump, more depressing CBA news, the Tom Hicks sports empire collapse isn't over quite yet and an ECHL team did what now?

  • What's lost a little bit in this labor strife is the league was actually pretty well positioned as a whole after last season. And the fact that both sides can't set aside their distrust and personal goals to work for that is disheartening. []
  • If you're looking for a team to watch during the lockout and you're from the San Antonio area, the Rampage are starting to finalize their roster for next season. [San Antonio Express-News]
  • Somehow, someway, the lockout will eventually end (right? right?!), and Todd gives you a rundown on what to expect from a Stars perspective when that happens. [Thursday Morning Cupcheck]
  • When the whole Tom Hicks sports empire house of cards was tumbling down, there were rumblings that there were some less-than-honest audits that allowed him to maintain that charade a bit longer. There was eventually a lawsuit alleging just that, and that lawsuit is moving forward after a New York judge refused to toss it out of court. []
  • Speaking of businesses and bold moves, back in 2005, Bain Capital put in a bid of around $4 billion to buy the entire NHL. That could have been... interesting. [Bloomburg Businessweek]
  • Our friends over at On the Forecheck take a closer look at the idea of a single combined owner for the NHL and how it might affect the league now. [On the Forecheck]
  • OHL referee Garrett Rank gave the U.S. Mid-Amateur golf championship, and associated berth in the 2013 Masters, a very good run, but he fell one hole short in the match-play final to the defending champion. [The News Tribune]
  • So, Shane Doan is supposed to make a decision on where he will sign for next season today. He wants to play for the Phoenix Coyotes, but he always wants to know that the team is going to stay in Phoenix, and that's still up in the air. The Vancouver Cancuks are reportedly the other team in play, but will he really sign there while still living in Phoenix and skating most days with the Yotes? [Puck Daddy]
  • Justin Bourne is convinced, and rightfully so, that there's a contingent of players who are probably fed up with the whole CBA mess already and would just like to sign something, anything, and get back on the ice. But will that group become loud enough to matter before someone on the owner's side blinks? [Backhand Shelf]
  • Minor-league teams love a good bit, and in the wake of hosting a Charlie Sheen night where Sheen himself didn't even show, the Bakersfield Condors are taking things one step further and offering a tryout of pop star Justin Bieber. [Bakersfield Californian]
  • You know, if Bettman's press conferences were actually like this, um, interpretation from Down Goes Brown, I might be more inclined to not want to punch things every time he comes up to speak about the lockout.