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Dallas Stars Daily Links: NHLPA To Gather In New York City For Meeting

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Well we've finally reached the tipping point - we'll know this week whether or not NHL fans will have to endure their third lockout in the last 20 years.

Both the NHLPA and the NHL's Board of Governors are scheduled to meet in New York City later this week, though no new negotiations are scheduled at this time. Chris Johnston of the Canadian Press reported that the NHL is expecting up to 250 players at its meetings.

But the sheer number of players and owners in the same place at the same time won't do any good if the two sides aren't willing to try and meet in middle somewhere.

There are no talks scheduled and the opportunity is narrowing. The NHLPA has two days of player meetings on Wednesday and Thursday and the board of governors is meeting Thursday. Both meetings are in New York. The league has asked players to accept a cut in their share of league revenues from 57% to 46%.

The other thing of note in that USA Today article is the question of the legality of a lockout in a pair of Canadian provinces - Alberta and Quebec. While neither would make the NHL play games until this mess is worked out, they might allow the players in those provinces to use the team facilities as well as receive a paycheck. The NHL, of course, thinks the arguments in both provinces hold no water.

After the jump, the two most important faces on the Stars defense next year, unhappy Brian Burke and deconstructing Ryane Clowe's Twitter account.

Trevor Daley is now the second-most veteran player on the Stars and the longest-tenured, at least consecutively, member of the Stars defenseman corps. And he knows that people will be looking to him this year for both production and leadership. [Fox Sports Southwest]
  • Another big pieces of the defensemen this year will be Alex Goligoski, and if he could take that step forward and become a No. 1 defenseman, that would benefit the Stars in so many ways. []
  • The Stars have gone through a large transition in the top 6 forward group, and coach Glen Gulutzan is excited about the new toys he has to play with. []
  • Gemel Smith gets a nice write up. Not a lot of information is new, but if you wanted a decent look at what the Stars got with the 104th overall pick in this year's draft, it's a nice starting point. []
  • Don't be surprised if Stars prospect Devin Shore has a slow start to the season this year. The second-round pick has been battling mononucleosis. [Bangor Daily News]
  • If you're looking for a cooler head in the NHL-NHLPA labor wars, there's a case to be made for Steve Fehr. [Sporting News]
  • In news that will be shocking to absolutely no one, Brian Burke was not a fan of the ESPN poll that named the Toronto Maple Leafs the worst franchise in all of pro sports. [Puck Daddy]
  • I'm not a huge fan of Ryane Clowe, but I am a big fan of our friends over at BoC and their take on his Twitter account. [Battle of California]
  • In a kind of epic version of Flashback Friday, one of the Stars Twitter accounts posted a ton of old highlight videos at the end of last week. In honor of my father, who is awesome and probably responsible for my love of all things hockey because of how he indulged my love for the late 1990s and early 2000s teams, I'm posting the video of one of his favorite names of all time - Darcy Wakaluk.