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2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: Lockout Will Start September 15 If No Deal Is Reached

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The NHL and NHLPA meetings have concluded for the day and the news coming from both sides does not appear to be positive. Revenue sharing is the biggest issue between the two sides, with Donald Fehr on the record as saying that there is a "meaningful gulf' between the what the league and the NHLPA are looking for in the new CBA.

The Players' Association presented their response on the league's proposed revenue-sharing system and a full and formal counter-proposal is expected on Tuesday. With the two sides so obviously far apart, the fear is that there's no way possible an agreement will be made by the September 15th deadline. The NHLPA has stated they're willing to continue the season under the old CBA but the NHL made it clear that won't happen.

As such, September 15 now becomes the date a lockout starts if an agreement has not been made.

According to Chris Botta, Donald Fehr is "pissed" about the NHL's proposals and how far apart the two sides are. We'll see just how different the two proposals are next week, but for now there does not seem to be much optimism associated with the current negotiations -- and the clock is ticking on the 2012-12 season.