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Oilers Sign Jordan Eberle To 6-Year, $36 Million Contract; Here Is A Jamie Benn Comparison

Perhaps the most comparable player to Jamie Benn has been now been locked up long-term, as the Edmonton Oilers signed Jordan Eberle to a 6-year, $36 million contract. From SB Nation:

The Edmonton Oilers have locked up one of their young stars for the foreseeable future, announcing a large deal with right-winger Jordan Eberle. According to the team, Eberle, 22, has signed an extension worth $36 million over the next six years, keeping the young forward with the club through the 2017-18 season.

.Eberle is just one year younger than Benn and is in a comparable spot as far as his importance to the franchise goes; while Taylor Hall is certainly a major factor as well, Eberle's two-way ability and offensive dynamism is much more in line with what Jamie Benn brings to the Stars. The numbers are somewhat comparable as well, although Eberle's point total was higher last season.

What's important to note here is that this extension does not start until NEXT season, which means that Eberle will potentially be facing the end of this contract at the age of 29. If Jamie Benn were to sign a six-year contract now, this would be the same outcome. I wrote last week that I felt the ages of these players made comparing recent signings to Benn much tougher; well, here's one we can certainly directly compare.