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Dallas Stars Scheduled* To Be Featured 8 Times on NBC/NBCSN

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There will be no CBA talks between the NHL and NHLPA today as word leaks out that the players were perhaps less than thrilled with the league's newest proposal yesterday, as we suspect they would be. The whole thing, though, will not keep the league from proceeding as if business were as usual. Today that includes releasing a national television schedule we know will very likely not get used in it's entirety.

So in the spirit of putting our hands over our ears and eyes and feigning ignorance like so many other parties these days, here are the Dallas Stars' scheduled appearances on national television for the 2012-2013 NHL Season:

Date Visitor Home Network
Tuesday, November 13 Stars Redwings TSN2, NBCSN
Thursday, November 15 Sharks Stars TSN2, NBCSN
Saturday, December 1 Penguins Stars NHL Network-US
Saturday, December 8 Stars Oilers NHL Network-US
Monday, January 14 Stars Avalanche TSN2, NBCSN
Tuesday, January 22 Avalanche Stars NBCSN
Saturday, March 9 Stars Sharks NHL Network-US
Monday, March 18 Sharks Stars TSN2, NBCSN
Monday, March 25 Kings Stars TSN2, NBCSN
Friday, March 29 Red Wings Stars NHL Network-US
Tuesday, April 9 Kings Stars TSN2, NBCSN
Thursday, April 11 Stars Wild TSN2, NBCSN

The NHL Network games, of course, will probably still be broadcast on FSSW or TXA-21 locally in the Stars broadcast area, but we include them here for our friends in other parts of the country. Traditionally a local television schedule soon follows the release of the national one, so we'll keep an eye out for that.

Curiously the Stars are featured on NBC/NBC Sports Network (or would be if there were full season) more than any other team in the Pacific that didn't win the Stanley Cup last year. Dallas: 8, San Jose: 7, Phoenix: 4, Anaheim: 1. The Stars were featured 7 times on NBCSN/Versus last season.

The Red Wings would be featured on NBC/NBCSN 17 times this coming season, tying with the Penguins and Bruins.