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Bill Oellermann, Dallas Stars Public Address Announcer, Has Retired After 18 Seasons

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His voice has been such a big part of the Dallas Stars it's tough to imagine what it will be like without him. His trademark "one minute remaining" call at the end of periods and his crisp announcing of penalties and goals have been a staple of the arena experience in Dallas, even on television. It is now time to say goodbye, unfortunately.

Bill Oellerman, per the Dallas Stars, has retired after 18 seasons. Oellermann began his career with the Stars back at old Reunion Arena and just like the voices of Ralph & Razor have guided us through the years, Bill's deep drone in the background during games -- especially with the crowd roaring along with him -- has been our constant through the ups and downs of almost 20 years of hockey.

Enjoy your retirement, Mr. Oellermann, and know just how fondly you are considered by Dallas Stars fans all over the world.

Here's the best video I could find, from the 2000 Cup Finals. Relevant part begins at :30.

The press release after the jump.

Frisco, TX. - Since Reunion Arena days, fans have associated Bill Oellermann as the public address announcer of the Dallas Stars. After 18 seasons with the Stars, Oellermann has announced his retirement.
Over the course of his time with the Stars, he has worked more than 800 home games and the team won seven Division Championships, two Western Conference Championships, two Presidents' Trophies and the 1999 Stanley Cup.

"Bill has been an integral part of the Dallas Stars in-game entertainment experience for 18 seasons. He will be missed. On behalf of the Dallas Stars organization, we are grateful for his contribution and wish him the best as he enters the next phase of his career," states President and CEO of the Dallas Stars, Jim Lites.
"Never would I have dreamed that I would be a member of the Dallas Stars family for so long. This has been a wonderful experience and I look forward to watching the game from the fans perspective," shares Bill Oellermann.

Besides the Dallas Stars, Oellermann's tenure has included roles in news, public affairs, sports reporting and management in small, medium and major market radio stations. Most recently, he served as Assistant VP of Marketing and Communications in the Texas A&M System. He holds a graduate degree from Southern Illinois University and bachelor of Radio/Television and Physical Education from Northwest Missouri State University.