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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Dmitry Sinitsyn Raising Eyebrows

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The curious case of Dmitry Sinitsyn is starting to pick up some national attention.

Sinitsyn was taken in this year's NHL draft by the Dallas Stars in the seventh round, No. 183 overall. And while the defenseman is not a Dallas native by any stretch of the imagination, he is still a bit of a hometown-story for the Stars since his long and winding road through junior hockey saw him play a year with the Dallas Jr. Stars.

The story from there gets a little complicated, as The Hockey News chronicled. He tried to join a USHL team, had visa issues and went back to Russia then signed with UMass-Lowell, where he'll make his NCAA debut next season.

But back to that time in Dallas. How was the transition for a kid from halfway around the world?

"Moscow is a megapolis," he said. "There’s public transport everywhere, you don’t even need a car. In Dallas you have to drive, but the good thing about it? There’s like, 10 days of winter."

I hope he plays in Dallas late enough into the spring eventually that he realizes the climate trade-off for winter.

After the jump, Trevor Daley is being pushed into the spotlight in more than one way, what Jamie Benn has done on his summer vacation and the return of Yaroslavl Lokomotiv.

  • Trevor Daley has taken over the mantle of "second-longest tenure on the team" this summer after Steve Ott was traded away, and he's done his part this summer by becoming the go-to guy for local appearances. But the Stars will need him to do even more on the ice next season as well. []
  • A brief moment of silence, please, for ESPN Dallas' Stars coverage. It has been exactly one month since they posted their last story on the Stars blog. This is what happens when you lose the wonderful Mark Stepneski to the official site.
  • And Stepneski has really improved the quality of the summer stories on the aforementioned official site, including stories like this about Jamie Oleksiak. []
  • I can't seem to make the story part of this article appear, but the picture and caption are enough to show you what Jamie Benn is doing on his summer vacation. [Campbell River Mirror]
  • Gamblers and their odds never make sense to me. For instance, after doing a pretty decent job on the free agent market, the Stars actually dropped several spots on the odds-makers' list of best-bets to win the Stanley Cup. [Kuklas Korner]
  • Stars president Jim Lites has been making the rounds at local luncheons, including a recent engagement in McKinney. [McKinney Online]
  • Jason Arnott is also still looking for employment, and the Vancouver Canucks might be interested in his services. [Windsor Star]
  • A really fun tactic you get to deal with when searching for information is when the target decides it's easier just to overwhelm you with paperwork while not giving you what you're really looking for. That appears to be the NHL's strategy, as they gave the NHLPA 76,000 pages of finances but no audited information. Le sigh. [ESPN New York]
  • In lighter news, if you need some summer reading, might I recommend these suggestions? [Backhand Shelf]
  • One of the last big-name free agents on the market is Shane Doan who, like the prospective ownership of the Phoenix Coyotes, is turning this into a little bit of a mess. But as Todd chronicles, he does have options. [Thursday Morning Cupcheck]
  • It hasn't quite been a year since the team play for Yaroslavl Lokomotiv crashed just after takeoff, killing all players and staff on board, including former Stars defenseman Karlis Skrastins. After taking a year off, the senior team returned for its first preseason game this week. [Puck Daddy]
  • In part of our top games series, we've been watching a lot of late 1990s-early 2000s video here at DBD, and one thing that's stood out is that Brett Hull was a lot more complete player that at least I remembered. Here he is doing what he does best courtesy of the Stars Flashback Friday series. Bonus points for the battle-scarred chin and blood on the jersey, baby Brenden Morrow wearing his original number, Mike Modano being a puck wizard and the fun game of "spot the interference penalty that would be called these days," courtesy of Richard Matvichuk.