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2012 NHL CBA Negotiations: NHL Offers New Proposal As Sides Meet Briefly Once Again

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Update: Several sources tonight have provided details from the league's new proposal earlier today. Head over to Puck Daddy here to check them out, including a new structure on revenue sharing and a strategy using player escrow to achieve more or less what the owner's first proposal mean in real dollars. -10:30pm

The NHL provided the NHLPA with an updated CBA proposal today, though not much has changed as the two sides continue hold their ground.

Gary Bettman and Bill Daly met with brothers Donald and Steve Fehr briefly this morning while the league explained their new offer. Fehr returned to the PA offices to confer with players for 3.5 hours before returning to meet with Bettman briefly for an additional 45 minutes.

The two sides have reportedly agreed to meet again tomorrow afternoon once the players have an opportunity to look over the latest information from the league and formulate a response, but media in New York guess that little has changed in terms of what the league is offering.

Don Fehr declined to detail what was different in this proposal compared the league's initial offering. He said the league "outlined" a new proposal today, and the it is one the players intend to "respond to" as early as tomorrow. It's unclear if responds means "refute" as they've done with owners claims thus far, or if it means a genuine back and forth will start. The players association all but ignored the league's first proposal.

Bettman said today that he felt the owners new proposal was significant, and that it had "meaningful movement," adding that it was "obviously" about the core economic issues. He added that he's trying to get the two sides speaking the same language (we wonder which one...) and that they're "not far apart" on revenue sharing.

We'll just have to wait until tomorrow for more. 18 days.