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NHL CBA Talks 2012: Wednesday's Discussions Canceled After Fehr, Bettman Meet


Wednesday's scheduled meeting between the NHLPA and the NHL to further discussions in the ongoing NHL CBA negotiations has been canceled, according to multiple reports.

What does this mean?

No one knows exactly. What we do know is that Gary Bettman, Bill Daly, Donald Fehr and Steve Fehr all met for a super-secret meeting this morning that know in the media knew was happening until it was over; soon after today's full meeting between the NHLPA and the NHL was canceled, with tomorrow's meeting still scheduled as normal.

Speculation is almost useless at this point, since there's a very wide spectrum of reasons for the cancellation. What we do know is that the NHL was expected to put forth its official response to last week's NHLPA proposal, which apparently was not met by much enthusiasm by the league. While there were certainly some salient points made by the NHLPA in their proposal it's been reported that the two sides are still a ways apart in their general philosophy in how which direction the league needs to take.

We also know that neither side wants a lengthy work stoppage or a delay to the season. While many think the owners can afford another lost season -- and the players can't -- I can guarantee you that 80% of the owners in the NHL do not want to lose the revenue that comes with an actual season of play. Despite reports that the NHL will still receive $200 million from NBC if there's a lost season, the league as a whole is going to lose a lot of money with any significant delay to the season.

Was this good news, bad news -- or no news at all? We'll find out more tomorrow.