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Top 20 Dallas Stars Players of All Time, #10: Darryl Sydor


We continue celebrating Dallas Stars history this summer as we move closer and closer to their 20th year in DFW with a look at Darryl Sydor.


As the 7th overall pick in the 1990 NHL Entry Draft, Darryl Sydor shouldered quite a burden when he broke into the league late in the 1991-92 season. One that he wasn't quite able to live up to in the two full seasons, one lockout shortened season, and the first 48 games of the 1995-96 season that were spent in Los Angeles. So on February 17,1996, he was traded to the Dallas Stars along with Los Angeles' 5th round pick in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft for Shane Churla and Doug Zmolek. Being reuinted with the coach he won a Memorial Cup with in 1992 with Kamloops helped re-invigorate Sydor's career and thus, he became of the key cogs of the Stars 1999 Stanley Cup Championship team. Sydor also joins Benoit Hogue as the only Dallas Star with three different stints with the club (1996-2003, 2006-07, and 2008-09).

Why He's On The List:

Sydor was the first piece of the 1999 Stanley Cup Champions that was brought in via trade after Hitch got here (Guy Carbonneau was traded during training camp of the 1995-96 season). Not to mention, Syd combined with Sergei Zubov to form the basis for the offense generated by the blue line corps for seasons to come.

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From the time the NHL kept time on ice statistics individually (starting in 1998-99) until he finished his third stint with the club in 2009, Sydor posted a G/60 of 0.30. For comparison sake, Sergie Zubov posted a G/60 of 0.29. In addition, Sydor also posted an A/60 of 1.20 and a P/60 of 1.49.

But enough about statistics. Because mention Sydor's name and two plays come to mind. The first video can simply be described as doing whatever it takes to help your team win.

The second video can't be embedded, apparently. But if you're like the rest of us at DBD and going through severe hockey withdrawls (hurry up and get here, September), you probably won't mind watching the first 4:30 of this video as it's from the pivotal Game 5 of the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals. Or all of it.

For instance, did you know Blake Sloan is a black belt in karate? Neither did I!

At any rate, the pertinent portion of this video can be found after the 4:23 mark. That's when the highlights pick up a Stars second power play with 1:35 left. You'll see the Stars win the draw in their own zone, Zubie pass the puck to Mike Modano in the neutral zone, and the Sabres' penalty killers do absolutely nothing to slow him down until he's drawn 3 of Buffalo's penalty killers to him. Darryl Sydor slips in through the back door, gets the puck from Mo, embrace all kinds of time and space before opening the scoring in Game 5 with a perfect shot over Dominick Hasek's left shoulder and just under the crossbar and inside the right post.

How do you feel about his inclusion on this list?